The prefecture of Corinth belongs to the region of the Peloponnese. It is semi-mountainous region with forested mountains in the hinterland and plains towards the coast. Its capital is the city of Corinth and other important cities are Loutraki, Kiato, Xylokastro and Nemea.

The region is famous for its raisins, vegetables and citrus production, while Nemea is well known for its wines. On the mountains you will find picturesque villages, the lake of Stymphalia, the wetland which is part of the European network of protected areas NATURA 2000, and the archaeological sites of Ancient Nemea and Sicyon.

Corinth is the second largest city in the Peloponnese and it is an important port. It is located at a central point, on the road that connects Athens with Patras. The city of Corinth is a continuation of the ancient city of Corinth as the modern city was rebuilt in the 19th century, after the earthquake of 1858 had destroyed the old town.